When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others

One of the most magical things that nature has brought to the body of a woman is the possibility of creating life in her body.

The period of pregnancy and fetal growth in the body is very expensive and passes very quickly.

This is a period of many changes in the body of the woman’s soul and spirit.

Yoga helps the mother to go through pregnancy and childbirth in the best possible way.


Yoga maintains its flexibility, prevents problems of excess weight, stretch marks and back pain.

The breathing exercises called “pranayama” are very helpful in overcoming the pain of the contractions.

Practicing yoga poses “Asanas” contributes greatly to the relief of birth because during the active birth, the abdominal muscles must be pressed to help the baby move freely out of the canal without complications.

The mother who practices yoga during pregnancy is very conscious of her body and muscles becoming stronger and more flexible.

Why Yoga

Yoga helps increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and bones, improve joint and back muscles, and improve posture. Yoga is also good for internal systems – yoga poses help blood flow and strengthen the heart and the vascular system and the distribution of oxygen to body cells.

Our mind is directly affected by the physical state and vice versa. As a result of the physical strengthening, breathing and gathering inward, there is no doubt that yoga practice balances the mind, the rebellious emotions and instills a sense of calm and ease in the everyday life of the practitioner.

Yoga is an ancient Indian method whose function is to quiet the mind,

To free one from the bonds of reality in which he is found and to connect the body, the soul and the spirit to the whole universe.

Yoga does not end with yoga poses, but serves as a way of life.

The studio

Our studio is located in the city of Eilat and hosts daily residents of the city, Israeli tourists and tourists from abroad, Eilat places a more calm and peaceful atmosphere on us, and there is no doubt that life here is a little different. Every practitioner and practitioner.


Our studio practices yoga every day, all day long. Arriving in advance, we

will sometimes get used to the group and sometimes we will be lucky and get used to a limited composition. The beach serves us a lot to practice when the weather is pleasant.

Contact us

Palgit st nomber 3, Eilat

Lidar: 052-6714734


Contact us

Palgit st nomber 3, Eilat

Lidar: 052-6714734