Do your practice and all is coming. ~ Sri K Patthabi Jois

Many are drawn to the world of yoga and even abandon their previous lives and find themselves in a healthy and balanced Yogi path.

After they have decided to change direction, some have even changed their office space and built a routine for themselves as yoga teachers.

Practicing a serious and focused yoga practice will bring about personal and physical growth and change.

Yoga is a wonderful way to release blockages from your body.

In this course we will learn to convey the most ancient knowledge of Yoga to other people and to heal their body and soul.

These studies will contribute greatly to the routine of your life in many areas, will significantly improve the health of the body physically and mentally.

The skeleton of the body is strengthened and so are the internal organs, the urinary system, the hormonal system and the glands.

The stability of the body and breathing improve significantly and self-awareness improves as we deepen our yoga fundamentals.


Yoga has several main components that contribute to the principles of yoga and the development of awareness of the body.

When you learn the method and begin to explore the Asanas positions, you practice breathing exercises “Pranayama”, deepen your anatomical knowledge and practice meditation and relaxation.

All of this is experienced in a teacher training course.

The course is 200-300 hours long

We meet the criteria required by the European Yoga Association.

The studies will provide participants with many tools to help other people suffering from various physical problems as well as mental problems.

The curriculum is enjoyable and challenging and correctly combines all the necessary elements to pass on the wonderful method of healing the body and mind.

This is experiential, spiritual and enriching learning.