Why Yoga

The studio

Our studio is located in the city of Eilat and hosts daily residents of the city, Israeli tourists and tourists from abroad, Eilat places a more calm and peaceful atmosphere on us, and there is no doubt that life here is a little different. Every practitioner and practitioner.


Our studio practices yoga every day, all day long. Arriving in advance, we

will sometimes get used to the group and sometimes we will be lucky and get used to a limited composition. The beach serves us a lot to practice when the weather is pleasant.

What do you practice in the studio?

In our studio we combine all styles of yoga. With an emphasis on giving full attention to every practitioner and practitioner we adapt the style of practice to the level and will of the practitioners present in the studio.


High dynamic

The Ashtanga system consists of fixed series of poses (vinyas), which include a dynamic transition from position to position and relatively short stay in each position (asanas). The Ashtanga is characterized by high dynamism and precise adaptation of breathing and movement.


Flow and tenderness

Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga practice on the one hand, but on the other, it maintains flow and softness. The rate of movement in vinyasa is adjusted to the rate of breathing. The nature of the lesson emphasizes the accuracy and proper movement on the one hand and the creation of internal heat and work on flexibility and strength on the other. Vinyasa retains tenderness and tenderness along with accuracy in body positions.


Strength and stability

The Iyengar method is characterized by a static practice and a steady practice of yoga poses that emphasize the straightness of the body, shoulders, spine and feet. The method seeks to achieve precise performance of the position while paying attention to as many details as possible. The method develops strength and stability and is suitable for practitioners who are looking to learn about the relationship between different parts of the body during the performance of the posture. In Iyengar it is customary to use practice accessories such as strips, wooden blocks, pillows and more.

Hatha yoga

Body, soul and thought.

Hatha Yoga is the classical yoga that forms the basis of the various yoga streams. The main emphasis is on physical and breathing aspects. This method is characterized by holding positions for a long time. You seek to create a union of the body with mind and thought. This method is characterized by maintaining long-term postures and convenient transitions between postures and no aids. In addition, it keeps the spine and muscles flexible, and contracts and stretches internal organs and glands in the body. In the classes you focus on convergence, meditative awareness and movement while breathing.



Kundalini yoga training includes poses, dynamic breathing exercises, singing and meditation using mantras. Practitioners try to awaken the energy at the base of the spine and raise it along the seven chakras. Kundalini Yoga is a sub-stream of Tantra Yoga.

Every person can practice yoga, there is no need but strong will and a teacher who can teach the way. If you choose to start yoga in your life, we at Eilat Yoga will be happy to walk together with you for this life.

Yoga helps the mother to go through pregnancy and childbirth in the best possible way. Retains its flexibility, prevents problems of excess weight, stretch marks and back pain.

We in Eilat Yoga focus on the development of yoga in schools for the children of grades 1 through 12 and believe that yoga should be integrated as an integral program and compulsory classes.

Yoga at any moment in life

Join us and combine yoga in your magical moments…

In Eilat there are many conferences and company events for groups and companies. We offer our clients the kind of experience they want to give their guests.



From meditation to a yoga class at sunrise or a magical yoga lesson in front of the sea and the mountains at a colorful sunset, the yoga experience in the group is a refreshing attraction.

Come and strengthen yourself through yoga, facing the sea and the mountains at sunset and sunrise, morning meditation, evening entertainment Salsa party, dancing and interesting lectures and accumulate experiences and joy of life to the path of life…

Wrote about us

Eilat Yoga has been operating for several years in the city of Eilat. A local newspaper in the city wrote a lot about the studio and Lider, ran a column on yoga published every time in the newspaper.

Health body and mind

An image story

“People who have lost their happiness come here and a moment before a family doctor writes them a prescription for antidepressants, depression and more, they decide to try yoga -” because they say it helps.” There is this moment when a practitioner stands on the mattress before practice, On the mattress after practice, where exactly a sense of real peace arises.”

Yoga time

By Lidar

As people live, busy with traffic, sending text messages or lighting another cigarette, women, mothers, grandmothers, and girls gather every morning behind the white gate. Each has its time – yoga time.

Tor Yoga

Readers’ questions

For a long time, Lidar wrote a column on yoga for the local newspaper in Eilat. Among other things, readers of the newspaper were asked about yoga and other subjects, and the Deir Al-Shiva. This is a 2011 article in which Leader advises the newspaper reader

Our clients

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Palgit st nomber 3, Eilat

Lidar: 052-6714734


Contact us

Palgit st nomber 3, Eilat

Lidar: 052-6714734